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Tips to Getting the Most Out of Massages

So, you’ve had your massage and you are feeling nice and relaxed, but how do you keep this feeling?

Drink water

This is very important. Since our bodies are made up of between 50% and 75% water, you need to make sure you stay hydrated. Water also helps the body flush out toxins.

Massage helps to increase the circulation of both the blood and the lymphatic system. Your blood needs water in it to keep it moving and doing its job of bringing oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, organs and other tissues. It also helps to take away the waste products created by the cells in these areas. The lymphatic system is responsible for maintaining the immune system and removing toxins from the body. It serves as the fluid transport system between the cells and the bloodstream. Without adequate water, the lymphatic system becomes sluggish and it is unable to do its job. A sluggish lymphatic system can lead to low immunity, as well as aches, pains and fatigue from the build-up of these toxins.

Also, keep in mind that a cup of tea, coffee, soft drink or alcoholic beverage isn’t the same as drinking an extra glass of water or two. In fact, after a massage you should avoid these drinks. Alcohol and caffeine are diuretics. They actually stop the body from absorbing water effectively.


Make sure you have a snack after your massage. Massages speed up your circulatory systems and other body functions, which can leave you feeling light-headed or sleepy. Fight the fatigue with a small bite to eat!

You can combat this by avoiding a large meal right before a massage. It also may be uncomfortable to lie down on a very full tummy while someone is pressing on your back.


So, you’ve just taken some time out. Now, you feel more relaxed, your muscles are looser, you feel calmer and more content. This is not the time to head out to work or for a night out on the town. Sometimes it may be unavoidable, but try to book your massage for a time when you know you can go straight home afterwards. Put your feet up, read a book, watch some TV or have a nap. Do whatever you can to continue your period of relaxation.

Take a Bath

What is better than sinking into a nice warm bath? Slipping into the tub after a massage! This will help you to continue relaxing. Add magnesium sulfate to the bath to ease your aches and pains.

If you are having trouble with inflammation, including swelling, ice the area. Using a cold pack to the swollen or inflamed area for ten minutes and, then take it off for ten minutes.

Welcome Your Emotions

As the body relaxes, it is normal for the body to also release emotional baggage. While you might feel elated, refreshed or energised, there may be times when you feel like you need to cry. This is completely normal.

Prolonged stress does crazy things to our bodies. Massage helps the parasympathetic nervous system to kick in. This helps to reduce levels of the stress hormones and increases levels of dopamine and serotonin. The feel good hormone oxytocin is also released during massage, which is responsible for that happy, light, warm and fuzzy feeling.

Whatever you end up feeling, just go with it.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Have you ever felt sore after a massage? This is most common after a deep tissue massage, but it can happen after any type of massage. During massages, we are working the muscles, so think of it as a passive form of exercise.

Also, when muscles get overly tight, they can constrict the blood vessels in the area. Over time, this stops the circulatory system from effectively flushing out the waste in that area and you can get a build-up, causing soreness. When releasing this tension, the blood can start flushing out those toxins, but it can leave you feeling a bit tender, similar to the feeling you get after a good workout.

If you get regular massages, you might find this decreases over time. This soreness should not last more than a day or two. If it does last longer, this is can be an indication that the massage therapist might have worked the muscles a little too hard. It is important to tell your massage therapist at your next session if anything was particularly painful so that the treatment can be modified.

All of these tips can help you get the most out of each treatment!

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